Application Procedure

The following are required to apply to BCS and receive I20:
Admission Application for International Student
$300.00 non-refundable Application Fee (add $20.00 if wiring)
Financial Records (bank records or income tax records)
Commitment to Attend
Affidavit of Support (for person financially responsible)
Program Participation (for students 18 yrs old or older)
Copy of valid Passport
Copy of Immunization Records (must be current according to California State requirements)
Copy of Transcript translated to English (original must also be submitted)
*English Assessment results (TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, ITEP or GRE)
An Essay stating why you want to be a student at BCS

Submit all information to or BCS will
review all documents to determine if this is the appropriate school for you. After submitting all
documents and you are accepted by BCS, your Acceptance Letter and I-20 Form will be mailed to
you. Please note, each student who does not have parents in San Diego must have an agent or a
legal guardian.

After you receive your VISA, the following are required:
BCS Contract signed by person financially responsible
**Tuition paid in full (add $20.00 if wiring)
Host Family Information

On the first day of school you must show the following:
Your I-20 Form
Your Passport
Proof of Medical Insurance

If transferring from another school in the US, the following are also required:
Intention to Transfer Form: (F1Transfer.pdf)
Records Request Form: (RecordsRequest.pdf)

*We do not accept the SLEP, as it has been discontinued since 6/30/12. English assessment is
waived for students transferring from an American school.
**Tuition is $21,000 for the 2012-13 school year (9/4-6/18). If you are applying after 9/4/12, tuition
is prorated.